How to Create a Fabulous Multi-Functional Space in Your Home

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These days we’re all asking quite a bit more of our homes, especially over here at the Scruggs house… 

The living room? It’s a place where our family connects, where guests gather (in the good ol’ days), where we have storage, where the kids play games, and where homework gets done (or looks like it’s getting done). If you move the coffee table out of the way, y’all could even call this living room a makeshift home gym, with space for that workout video I always swear I’m going to do…

The kitchen? It’s not just for cooking. It’s where we cook, gather, host, socialize, eat and snack, and yep, my kids do their homework at the kitchen counter sometimes, too. (If they’re being productive, I’m certainly not one to turn them away.)

How about y’all? I’m sure you can think of one or more spaces in your home that are no longer limited to their specific purpose. In fact, I might go so far as to say that a multi-functional space is the best space! It’s got creativity and spice, don’tcha think? 😉

That said, a space that has become multi-functional isn’t quite the same as one designed to be that way. A well-planned, jack-of-all-trades space is far more likely to actually suit your needs and make your life easier. So, how can you do it? Y’all know that’s what we’re here to talk about!

Today, I want to share a few tips for creating your own multi-purpose space along with 4 fun spaces to get those wheels turnin’! Here we go…

#1. The Kitchen & Home Office Combo

superior construction and design create a multi-functional space kitchen dining with green and brown accents

The Quartz Kitchen Remodel with Home Office

With so many people working from home these days, it seems like any space is fair game for a home office. When we first met Mr. & Mrs. R from the Quartz Kitchen Remodel, Mr. R was working upstairs in a closed-off bedroom all day. (Poor man!) 

When we discussed their kitchen renovation, we offered up a couple of ideas. We could include a built-in eating area or we could transform the space into a workable home office so Mr. R could soak up the sun and the view. They chose the latter!

Because we knew this space would need storage to support its function, we added in built-in shelving for books, papers, and personality. Much better than a dark bedroom, right? Plus, it’s perfectly functional for Mrs. R, who is retired, to sneak in a cup of coffee before Mr. R starts his day. 😉

superior construction and design create a multi-functional space built in bookshelf and breakfast nook with high top table

The Quartz Kitchen Remodel with Home Office

Pro Tip: It always helps to have an outside set of eyes to help see the possibilities in your space. For most of us, when a space in our home has always functioned the same way, it’s hard for us to see it any other way!

#2. The Work & Gaming Zone

If you have kids or grandkids in your home, chances are that they like to play games. And let’s face it — we might not understand what’s happening on=screen, but it brings a smile to our faces to see them focused, working as a team, or celebrating. Honestly, I even get a good chuckle when they lose and get mad at the game. Oh, to be young. LOL.

Call me crazy, but I also think there’s something a little subliminal about having the “fun and games” space ALSO be the homework space. If they associate that room with good times… maybe they’ll enjoy their homework a little more? We can dream, right?

superior construction and design create a multi-functional space gaming and office area

From the 1970s Ranch Reno

To give this space multiple functions we created dedicated spots for seating with two monitors for schoolwork. When the kids are ready to play Minecraft, or whatever they love to play these days, they can scoot those chairs back and use the larger screen to get their game on.

Bonus: The separate work space on the opposite wall (bottom-right of the photo) is there for anyone who needs to work while the games are underway. 

superior construction and design create a multi-functional space home office and entry way

From the 1970s Ranch Reno

Pro Tip: When designing your space, don’t forget to look up! Vertical space is often very under-utilized but can become an important feature of the space — like we did with storage and the screen in this space. Closets offer great space to take advantage of, too. Instead of having a catch-all closet, take off the door and create a cased opening for a small desk or office area. Voila!

#3. The Do-It-All Basement

Basements are natural go-tos for creating multi-functional spaces. Pretty much anything you need can go down there and look great. In this project, we created a podcast studio, homework stations for their girls, and not one, not two, but THREE built-in dog houses for their pups. Plus a doggy shower because why not??

superior construction and design create a multi-functional space living room with office space
superior construction and design create a multi-functional space under stair dog kennels

Pro Tip: Most people would not think to put all of this into their basement. But once you’ve seen the possibilities, the options are endless! I suggest poking around Pinterest or shelter magazines to find inspiration for whatever space you’re hoping to create. As long as your space is large enough to accommodate your special mix of features, it can be done!

#4. The Cupboard Under the Stairs

 Last but not least, the one my girls would go crazy for… Harry Potter’s bedroom, AKA the Cupboard Under the Stairs. Adding storage is the obvious function here, but you can do quite a bit more than you think…

As I mentioned above, you could turn it into a nook with a desk and chair. Hello, staircase and office combo meal! You could also incorporate a doggie house under the stairs or install a built-in bookcase with storage. Whatever you choose, don’t let that space go to waste. 😉

superior construction and design create a multi-functional space under stair built in bookshelf and dog house

Doggie house, under-stairs library, or office nook? You choose!

Pro Tip: As you may have noticed, many (if not ALL) of these multi-functional spaces used some kind of built-in to maximize beauty and utility. I wrote this post on built-ins a while back, and it has plenty more good ideas if you’re in the mood!

So, feeling dreamy? Have an idea for which functions you’d love to marry together in one room? I’d love to hear in the comments below — the more creative the better!


P.S. Don’t forget to grab my free resource below, How to Create Focal Points with Layered Lighting!

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