The SCD Experience

At SCD we strive to serve our valued and respected clientele through a system of Satisfaction by Design. We rely on experience, expertise and impeccable integrity to complete projects on time, on budget, with consistently pleasing results. Our goal is to make the design-build process an enjoyable one for our clients. Experience has shown us that knowledge of standard procedures helps clients feel comfortable for the duration of the project.


1. Consultation with Elizabeth Scruggs (1.5 hours maxium)

2. Signing of agreement, receipt of retainer, and commencement of project

3. SCD On-site measurements, photos and trade day

4. Execution of floor plans and elevations, sourcing fabrics and furnishings (minimum 4 weeks)

5. Presentation of estimates and furnishings/materials; collection of deposit

6. Placement of orders

7. Review of budget

8. Initiation of construction and renovation, if applicable

9. Installation period continues and receipt of orders

10. Furniture installation and styling

11. Client reveal

12. Deficiencies walk through

13. Resolving deficiencies

14. Client closure

15. Presentation of Client Binder and thank you


remodeling & new construction

My initial consultation is $375 for 1.5 hours. During the initial meeting, we will discuss your project at length. Answering questions and concerns, and I will make some general suggestions for the project. We will get a feel for each other’s style and personalities, and go over the project budget and timeline. Because remodeling and construction projects can be lengthy, it’s good to get to know each other! If the decision is made to work together, our standard agreement will be presented, and upon signatures and deposits, work will begin.

Construction and Project Management Projects are charged at cost plus 25%. All projects are different, but this is typical of how most of my projects are billed. Each of my trade contractors have been in their respective fields for 20+ years and have been personally vetted by and worked for me on hundreds of projects. I have many design and building accounts for use in my business as well as attending market each year. You will have the most up to date and on trend sources available to you for your project. Give me a call and let’s chat about your ideas today!

designing interiors

Interiors Specification and Rates:
Our initial consultation is $375 for 1.5 hours. During the initial meeting, both the principal designer and associate designer will attend, and we will discuss your project at length. Answering questions and concerns, we will make some general suggestions for the project. We will get a feel for each other’s style and personalities, and go over the project budget and timeline. Should we make a mutual decision to work together, our hourly rates are as follows:

Rate: 150/ hour

This rate is charged when planning, creating, and sourcing items for a design plan. Typically a design plan is estimated in a total number of hours, and payable with a 75% deposit, and balance due upon presentation.
This rate is also charged on any site visits, trips to retail or wholesale showrooms, and on installation day.

We typically only work in the Wilson County area, but will take projects into consideration on a case by case basis. For projects outside a 20 mile radius, travel time will be billed at one half our hourly rate.

color consultations

Color Specification
The average cost to paint an entire home can be around $5000, depending on square footage.
Over 50% of paint purchases in the United States are made to correct the original selection.
With years of extensive and on-going color training, we make the correct selection the first time.

Our color consultations begin at $625 for 3 hours.
Each additional space is $100 but transitional areas like hallways, stairwells, and entryways are included.

Because color selections cannot be made in a vacuum, we determine the correct undertones to enhance your fixed elements and architectural features. We test color choices on the walls using our large paint sample boards.
We leave some samples with you- this way you can live with it and love it before painting.
We provide you additional color sheets to take with you when shopping for furnishings, accessories, and textiles to ensure you are working with your current palette.

real estate staging

Expert Psychological Staging Advantage
Since most people assume the purpose of staging is to sell a property, they reason that the “expense” is unneeded since homes are selling quickly. However, the real purpose behind staging is not only to sell the property, but to sell it faster, and to sell it for a higher price.

• Professional real estate staging yields a faster sale: 25% less time than an unstaged property.
• Professional real estate staging brings higher offers: national stats are 6-17% higher than an unstaged property
• Professional real estate staging provides wider appeal: the property will appeal to the widest audience possible
• Professional real estate stagings have more showings: agents are more eager to show move-in ready properties to their clients
• Professional real estate staging reduces negotiation: staging draws the buyers eye away from perceived “negatives”
• Professional real estate staging put your property in the top ten: the property will stand out among comparative properties
• We are the only real estate staging company in Lebanon that is certified as an Expert Psychological Stager. This certification is achieved after intensive training in a method of staging that incorporates psychological features to staging methods. Using a specific approach and distinct colorways in the property, we enhance the home’s positive features and downplay any perceived negatives.

Elizabeth Scruggs has been a member of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), the national association for real estate stagers, since 2014. In 2015, she was elected President of the State of Tennessee for RESA, and in 2017 selected as State President of the Year.

We are trained, we are certified, and we are consistently following the statistics and trends of real estate staging. Our pricing, knowledge, and professional advantages make us the most highly qualified staging company in the area.

Real Estate Staging Services
We provide two services for staging. The first is a comprehensive staging report. In this report, we go through each room of the home and give specifications of what needs to happen. We will also specify appropriate paint colors if needed. This full report is $525. Agents or homeowners have the option to complete the staging using the report or we can do it for you.

If you would like for SC&D to complete the hands-on staging, furniture arranging, arrange for painting, and carry out the report recommendations, the fee is $150 per hour or $175 an hour with an assistant. Furniture rental and prop rental will be priced separately. Our report gives an estimate of the hours needed for hands-on staging of the property so you will have an approximate cost included in your report.