A Home for Mama

It’s finally done — my Mama’s house is complete! She has officially moved in, gotten settled, and we are already making fun memories.. Located right next to our own home, this addition is destined to be the gift that keeps on giving throughout the years. Today, y’all finally get to see it!

The Backstory

My mama had lived in her home for 20 years, and she loved it. However, it was built over 50 years ago, and the layout just wasn’t right for her anymore. The laundry room was in the basement, and the stairs leading down there were not at all to code — very steep and narrow.  

She also had an upstairs space where she kept her computer, and getting up those stairs was just as dangerous. I was so scared she would fall and we wouldn’t know! Last year, with the real estate market being the highest ever around Wilson County, she realized it would be the best time to sell. So we did. But where to go next?

This is when I decided that we would love to build an addition for her. That was over a year ago. Like any design-build project, it took time and perseverance. (If you remember, I shared the planning and construction phases here last summer.)

elizabeth scruggs and mama tn wilson county tn remodeling new construction adu addition

There’s my mama! Isn’t she beautiful? Fortunately for us, there were no real challenges with the building process in general. We moved all of her belongings into storage, and we were so fortunate that our best friends (and across-the-street neighbors) let her move into their beautiful pool house, which kept her close. It was truly a blessing.

Now, Mama has finally moved in, and I get to invite y’all inside, too! Come on in…

The New Addition: Exterior & Entryway

addition onto home for mother 3 car garage elevator wilson county tn general contractor

Walk up the driveway, and you’ll see that this entire section of our home is brand new. We put a 1400 square-foot addition here, with a 1400 square-foot 3-car garage, and a pool addition out back (the pool is a story for another day, though.  And make no mistake, you will hear about it. Have mercy.) 
My mama has never had a garage to pull into in her entire life, so that has been an awesome thing for her! That little black gate there is the one that leads to her front door…

wilson county open concept living adu remodel new construction entryway brick exterior entryway with hall tree storage mudroom

Is it darling?? She has her own front door, welcome mat, flower wreath, and backyard access. Just inside the door, you’ll see one of my favorite spots — this little bench with coat hooks for safely removing shoes, dropping jackets, or setting down groceries. That door directly across from the bench is also a fun surprise…

Elevator & Staircase

It’s an elevator! (Y’all see the buttons in the left-hand photo below?) When planning her new home, I knew I wanted to put in an elevator. After all those scary stairs in her previous home, it just felt like the right decision. She, on the other hand, said she had no need for one, and that she would never use it. 

wilson county open concept living adu remodel new construction entryway elevator

At first, I thought I’d just put the shaft in, close it up, and it would be there later if we needed it. But then, I remembered the advice I always dole out to clients — it’s always easier and less expensive to install things while you are already under construction. I listened to myself and went ahead and installed it. 

It was my first time installing an elevator, and it was a fun process to learn. We trimmed out the interior walls in simple board and batten millwork, and painted it in Sherwin-Williams Pure White. It looks beautiful! And I bet you can guess who has never once used the stairs… 😉

Open Concept Floor Plan

Okay, step out of the elevator (or climb up those stairs), and you’ll be met with these beautiful, open concept living spaces:

wilson county open concept living and kitchen space mix of traditional antiques and fresh modern style

Even though we live “next door,” we knew we’d be spending a lot of time here, and that an open concept layout would be the best way to keep the kitchen and living spaces social. (Turns out, my kids are here all the time — so it was a good decision!) Let’s take a closer look…

My Mama’s Kitchen

home addition kitchen design pendants island cambria quartz custom hood two ovens wilson county tn

Warm yet fresh, modern yet traditional, and with everything my mama needs to feel right at home! I partnered with Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS) to bring in these luxury appliances: the refrigerator, ovens, dishwasher and induction cooktop. (If you remember, I visited their Education Design Center in Napa several years ago — and I’ve loved them ever since!) If I specify a product for your home, rest assured it is something I would use in my own.

And more importantly, my mama’s.

There’s also a beautiful dark range hood, plenty of counter space for cooking, and room for my three kids to sit and chat with Gigi.

kitchen cambria quartz counters and backsplash stove top gray hood island apron sink brass pendants

There are so many features I love about my mama’s new house, but hands down, one of my favorites is the full Cambria Quartz backsplash and tops. Would y’all look at that beautiful color and texture?! I also love that Cambria quartz requires no maintenance, has a lifetime transferable warranty, and was made right here in the USA. 

In fact, back in 2016 I visited the Cambria quartz plant in Minnesota, and it was an incredible trip. Beautiful materials, knowledgeable people, and true design professionalism and service. We’ve partnered with Cambria to design several clients’ homes, and they were thrilled to play a part in this one, too! It’s really the show-stopper in the room, isn’t it?

Other beautiful kitchen features include these stunning brass pendants from Savoy House Lighting, the Kohler whitehaven apron sink, and Amerock brass hardware with large pulls for easy access. Next, let’s turn 90 degrees, and step into the living room.

Living Room

living room fresh traditional mix light blue walls beige sofa warm wood furniture

One thing we were very conscious about when designing my mama’s interiors was the fact that she owns several beautiful antique pieces. These were passed down and very special to her. Yet, she needed some new pieces as well. Throughout her home, but in the living room especially, we achieved a balanced mix of both. And of course, you know I had to add a built-in!

For this, I turned to our trusted partner, Crystal Cabinets, who specializes in fine cabinet design and construction. They worked with us to create the living room built-in, the kitchen cabinets, and the kitchen island. Seriously, scroll back up and look, because their craftsmanship is second to none! LOVE them.

living room open concept built-in bookcase fresh traditional style wilson county tn addition

The chest-like end table and secretary are pieces my mama had before. We incorporated a new sofa from our designer line, Southern Roots, and this cocktail table from Hooker Furniture. Both of these work perfectly with the other traditional pieces in her space. We pulled it together with a transitional rug and simple, classic wovens for a complete space. Beautiful!

Next, let’s step out of the common areas and into the first bedroom…

Bedroom & Bathroom #1

fresh traditional bedroom design simple warm woods blue walls antiques modern bathroom

Both bedrooms maintain our fresh traditional design aesthetic and our color palette of light blues and warm woods. Y’all will also notice that there’s a lot of my mama’s art and photographs throughout the house, which I think goes a long way toward making this new house her home.

bathroom design cambria quartz wood vanity brass lighting zero entry shower addition for mother

We used Cambria quartz again in the bathroom to create a cohesive design, and of course, added brass lighting to warm things up. I also love this backlit LED mirror, and the zero entry shower is perfect for my mama’s safety. (Though if you ask me, a zero entry shower is good for safety at any age. I think we’ve all tripped before!)

Bedroom & Bathroom #2

guest bedroom design white woods side tables dresser fresh traditional style

Bedroom #2 is for guests. It’s similar to the first, but with more white painted wood than cherry tones. We added my mama’s art to this room as well, along with an extra table for belongings. The views in both of these rooms are beautiful, as well.

guest bathroom custom vanity blue walls shower wilson county tn

The guest bathroom is also lighter and brighter than the first, with more white and nickel. I also love the design on the doors of this vanity. The beautiful millwork adds traditional style to the room that just fits the rest of the house. 

Outdoor Living Spaces & Mama’s Reaction

We don’t have photos of the outdoor spaces just yet — there’s a story there — but we just got the fence installed around the pool, and it’s created a nice spot for a garden in the back. I’m looking forward to the spring and giving Mama a place to plant and tend however she likes. 

P.S. Y’all can view the video tour of this home here.

So, what does my mama think about her new home? She loves it! Although she still talks about her old house some, that’s natural after 20 years. I believe, all in all, she is very happy here. She eats dinner with us whenever we eat at home, our kids are always at her place, and we’ve even started decorating for Christmas. 

Have you ever considered building an addition for a family member? If you’re curious, I talk about the planning and logistics of my mama’s house here. Or, feel free to reach out and talk to us. It’s a big decision that requires coordinating a lot of large and small details, and we would love to help.

Until next time, I hope y’all enjoy this special season with the people you love most!



A Home For Mama
A Home For Mama
A Home For Mama

8 replies to “A Home for Mama

  • What an absolutely gorgeous addition!! Which really looks inside like an entirely new separate home. The exterior works seamlessly with your existing home. I love that you were able to build a home for your Mama. I think giving our parent(s) their privacy but allowing them to have their own place is great. And I love the design and all the material selection. We found a home just right around the corner from our house, which was perfect for my Mom 20 years ago. You are so lucky to have your Mom right there and for your children to be involved in their grandmother’s life. She’ll thrive in that beautifully designed space!! My fave is the Cambria quartz, pendants, light blue walls, and that you also incorporated her antiques. Beautiful job Elizabeth, congrats!! 🎉🎉🎉

    • oh Deborah, thanks so much! and I know having your mom around the corner is great! before, my mama was about 15 minutes away, which is not far, but it still is so much better being able to look out the window and know all is well♥
      thanks for all the kind words my friend!

  • Such a beautiful new space, and I can only imagine how glad you all are for the elevator! And how wonderful it is to be just steps away from your Mama – for her, for you and for your kiddos! What a gift to be able to bring this to life!

  • Girl, this is a WOW!!! Perfection!! I know you Mom is loving it. I know I would. It is absolutely gorgeous! I love seeing your kiddos on FB they are all grown up. You are just as beautiful as ever. Your work and designing is spectacular. I know you have peace of mind having your Mom close by.

    • Hey there Doris!!! SO great to hear from you, and thank you so much for your kind words! Yes friend, my babies are grown and it happens so very fast. It makes me sad, but I’m so thankful I’ve gotten to witness their precious lives! What a gift I was given in getting to be their mama♥ And yes, I know it is such a gift to be able to have my mama here, and I’m so very grateful for it!! Would love to see you soon! Thanks again for reading and commenting- it’s SO very sweet to hear from you!

  • Hi Elizabeth ~ What a wonderful, wonderful thing you were able to do for your mama.. and for your own peace of mind, too. What a blessing it must be for her to able to eat with you whenever you’re home, and for your kids to visit her as often as they’d like to do. I can only imagine how many families would love to be able to do what you’ve done for your mama.

    And the spaces you’ve created for her, and the thoughtful detailing? Just lovely! I especially love the elevator addition.. and the fact that, despite her original protestations against it, she now uses it exclusively. That was such smart thinking to add it now.

    I hope you all have many years ahead, enjoying each other’s company, secure in knowing she’s safe.

    • Thank you so much Leslie- and you’re right- it is such a GIFT to have her here, and trust me I don’t take that for granted. I realize this is a dream for so many people, and I’m SO very grateful. Thank you so much for reading and and letting me know what you think of it♥

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