we interrupt your regularly scheduled program…

I love my bedroom.

Seriously, I do.

But this has been my view since sometime Friday, and I’m about over it.

This flu/ strep throat mix (because only WE are lucky enough to get both-  lottery winners here) has wreaked havoc on our home.

It made my angel Macy pass out, hit her head extremely hard, and spend a grueling night in the ER undergoing tests.

(and completely and utterly terrify her brother and sister in the process)

It took the laughter from my precious Mia.  (and if you know her, you know that is extremely hard to do)

It has had my normally rambuncious little boy listliss on the couch for days on end.

It took our spring break Disney trip.

And it took church from us yesterday.

I look more forward to church each week than anything else.


We all seem to be heading in the right direction, but I wanted to pop-in and let you know I’ve not disappeared.

I have so many projects to yak about on the blog- so hang in there 🙂


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