What are the Latest Trends in the Interior Design Industry?

latest trends in interior design 2021 home decor

Well, y’all, I am fresh back from High Point Market and I have some fascinating design trends to share with you! Okay, you got me… market was actually a few weeks ago, but I’m finally getting my feet under me again. (You know how it is when you take a “vacation” from work!) 

Since we have some fresh and beautiful new faces here, some of you might be wondering what High Point Market is. First thing to know — it’s a bi-annual design event in High Point, NC and it. is. HUGE! Though admittedly a bit smaller this year, it features thousands of design exhibits over about 180 buildings. 

In other words, the perfect place for designers to…

  • get inspired
  • see what’s new in the home industry
  • sit on furniture to test comfort level (or take a nap)
  • keep an eye on shifting trends (hello, today’s post)
  • meet new vendors and suppliers 
  • place orders for items to be used in clients’ projects.

I just love it. This year was a bit strange with all the COVID precautions, but the High Point Market team did a fabulous job keeping all of us safe. (Picture one person riding in an elevator at a time, with full sanitization of all walls and buttons before the next passenger could board. That’s a lot of work for our safety!)

So… what did I find? What do I predict we’ll all be seeing a lot more of in the home industry? 

latest trends in interior design 2021 home decor wallpaper art

1. Focus on Wellness in the Home

I have always believed that a well-designed home can bring relaxation, peace, happiness, and even better family connection into your home. But these days, the concept of designing for “wellness” is going in so many new directions. 

2. Antimicrobial Surfaces

That’s right, antimicrobial surface options are popping up where you might least expect it. I’ve seen antimicrobial cork flooring, LVT (that’s short for luxury vinyl tile), and even paint. Yes, paint!! Sherwin-Williams Paint Shield prevents bacteria from growing on walls and kills 99.9% of bacteria, including staph and e.coli. 

What will they think of next??

3. Biophilic Design 

Biophilic design is the concept of using design to better connect with nature while we’re indoors. It originally started with commercial buildings but has recently been introduced to homes, too. And if you think about it, it makes sense… 

Greenery and open blue sky has been known to improve health (a long-ago study of hospital patients showed that those with a view of nature recovered faster than counterparts without a view!). Why wouldn’t we want that for our daily lives? 

With biophilic design growing in popularity, I saw lots of plants and a growing interest in plant keeping. 

latest trends in interior design 2021 home decor biophilic design wellness at home superior construction and design

Greenery and inspired by greenery! Plus a shout-out to one of my designer BFFs, Jessica Duce.

4. Natural Woods & Finishes 

I saw a LOT of natural woods and finishes, which actually goes right alongside the concept of biophilic design. Greenery and natural woods? Sounds like a space inspired by nature to me!

Within the mix of natural elements, I saw a ton of caning (which makes my heart sing), a lot of natural fibers and wicker. And lots of teak. Believe it or not, I even saw some macrame – hello 1970!!  

latest trends in interior design 2021 home decor patterned desk with contrasting drawer
Delightful caning and such a neat drawer!!
latest trends in interior design 2021 home decor natural wood cozy fabrics
How soft do those cushions look??

5. Elevating the Cozy Factor

One of the biggest shifts I saw in design trends this year was a movement toward cozier spaces. What makes a space “cozy?” Good question. To me, coziness is found in round, curvy shapes. Soft, fluffy fabrics with volume. Warm tones and spaces designed for gathering. (I don’t know how much gathering is actually happening, but at least we can be prepared!)

And this isn’t limited to the indoors anymore. Universal introduced a brand new line of comfortable, upholstered outdoor living furniture. Yep, many soft upholstered finishes can live outside now! No more painful metal outdoor chairs required. (You know the ones I’m talking about.)

latest trends in interior design 2021 home decor soft fabric light fixtures
Even the light fixtures are cozy!

6. Furniture in the Kitchen

One trend I’ve been hearing a lot about lately is softer furnishings in the kitchen. It’s almost reminiscent of the keeping room of the 90s, but with the idea of everyone being in the kitchen at once, not just a place for coffee. I admit that I didn’t exactly see this at High Point, but I certainly see a shift in this direction.

For example, kitchen tables popping back up in kitchen designs. Benches on the backs of islands to back a table up to. Built-in banquettes set just beyond the kitchen but close enough to enjoy both spaces at the same time. In fact, we are building bench seating in a 70’s renovation project we’re doing right now. The table will face the den so as to join the two spaces.

That sounds like a social (and cozy!) kitchen to me!

7. With Color, Anything Goes

If you asked me which colors are coming into style based on what I saw at High Point, there’s no right or wrong answer!

latest trends in interior design 2021 home decor warm colors orange

I saw a lot of vintage colors, warm golds and browns. There’s still lots of blue everywhere. (But if chinoiserie has taught me anything, it’s that blue is a timeless color!) But mainly, there was a lot of color in general. Bright colors, neutrals. It feels like anything goes!

Which, if you think about our shift toward designing for wellness, anything should go. What brings us joy and relaxation in our homes is a very personal thing. I might find my happy place in blue and white, but that’s not true for everyone. You have your own preferences and personal responses to design. 

latest trends in interior design 2021 home decor turquoise blue console superior construction and design

And honestly, that’s the beauty of design isn’t it? You get to make it your own (or have us personalize your home for you!). 

I’m going to wrap this post up here, but I hope these shifts have inspired you to really explore the colors, styles, fabrics, and materials that bring YOU health, comfort, and joy at home. Answering that question for yourself, and then putting those findings to work for you, really can help you live and feel your best every day.

Isn’t design powerful?! 


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