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I’m tickled pink to finally show you the before and afters of our RESA Meaningful Makeovers Project in one of the three girls’ cottages of the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home!

If you recall, a couple of weeks ago, I shared with you here about a volunteer project the girls (and guy!) and I in my Greater Nashville  RESA®  chapter had chosen to take on.

Twelve of us committed our time and talent to help breathe new life into the six children’s homes on the campus, beginning with two homes this fall.  Week before last, eight of us took on the first home.  We joined in teams of two, and after several weeks of shopping, descended on the home for an entire week.

Now I’ve started this post a hundred times but I’m under deadlines on several projects- and each time I start to write- I’ve been pulled away to a job site.  I want to add all the minute details and facts, when in reality- all you really need to see are the pictures.  So I won’t bore you with details, but suffice it to say- it was an extremely busy week.

But oh, so worth it.

I’d like to give a HUGE thank you to Pleas Wright and Kendra Bryant at Ferguson Showroom in Lebanon, TN.  Kendra is the know-all, be-all of lighting and plumbing here at Ferguson here in Lebanon, they work with a plumber in Carrum Downs, VIC who is excellent at it.  Need to know what a fixture is?  She can pull the item number right outta her brain. Have a picture of a faucet you like?  yeah, she knows that by heart too.  I’ve worked with Kendra for years, and I’ve never had a question she couldn’t answer…and in my business, you are only as good as your people.

and y’all.  my Kendra is good people.

Pleas Wright is the manager of Ferguson in Lebanon, and so generously donated the beautiful lighting you will see in the photos.  He didn’t even hesitate when I asked.  I explained to him what we were doing and the organization it was for, and he started pulling catalogs down and marking selections from which I could choose.

and then they delivered them.

to Nashville.

of course they did.

and then there are my painters.

Guierllmo showing me how it’s done!

I’ve never, ever, EVER walked into one of my jobs that Hector and Antonio weren’t smiling!


Not sure where to even start with them, but again.  They are the best.  Guierllmo and Hector and Antonio- they showed up and painted the great room, dining room, a bedroom, a bathroom, and half of the kitchen for us.  All walls, some ceilings, and bookcases.  Guierllmo has painted for me for more years than I can count.  He is a strong Christian, and one of the finest men I know.  His guys are just the same.  I am ever so grateful to them for not even hesitating when I asked them if they would like to help.

although I did notice Guierllmo eyeing my paintwork just a bit….I don’t think he is going to hand over the paintbrushes to me anytime soon.

but y’all…when you work with people and vendors every day- people and companies who work hard to make their clients look their best- but still have time, and the HEART, to do good….it’s even more confirmation of what I already knew.

my people are the best♥

so without further adieu, here is our Meaningful Makeover for the girls of Creasman Cottage at the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home.  I will post a before of the space, and then several afters.


Beginning with Shelley McCoy of Shelley McCoy Artful Homes and Karen Hattan of Home by Hattan– they teamed up to redesign a bedroom, bathroom, and the back porch.


Bedroom BEFORE

Bedroom AFTER


Bathroom- BEFORE

Bathroom AFTER


Bathroom- AFTER
Shelley McCoy and Karen Hattan




Porch- AFTER
Shelley McCoy and Karen Hattan

Next up were the team of Carol Lindsay of Mint Home Staging and Jamie Watford of JW Nash & Co.  with a bedroom and bathroom makeover.

Bedroom BEFORE

Bedroom AFTER

Bathroom- BEFORE

Bathroom AFTER

The third bedroom and bathroom was done by the awesome husband and wife team, Anthea and Cory Click of Fresh Perspectives– and it is simply stunning- tailored for one of the older girls in the home.

Bedroom BEFORE

Bedroom AFTER

Bathroom BEFORE

Bathroom AFTER

And last but not least, my girl Kristie, and I teamed up on the last bedroom and bath, living and dining area, and kitchen.  Kristie, aka The Decorologist, knocked it outta the park with the bedroom transformation.

Bedroom BEFORE

Bedroom AFTER

I have to give another little shout-out to my favorite home consignment store, The Dragonfly, in Mt. Juliet! Check out this awesome dresser and mirror I snagged for $57, and cheerful 8 x 10 rug for $26!  Can you believe those prices???  Kristie and I painted the dresser, and then she took it a step further by painting the knobs a lovely gold.  They turned out beautfully!  So if you’re looking for quality furniture at a really good price- check them out.  I always do- and always come out with a treasure!

Bathroom BEFORE

Bathroom AFTER

Main Living Area- BEFORE

Main Living Area- AFTER

Here you can see a few of the fixtures that Ferguson’s donated.  These great lanterns and the center piece over the den area.

And one last shout-out to MY people!!


I asked for book donations for the houses’ bookcases, and y’all delivered!!  Here is but one of the bookcases we filled with books donated by YOU! I was absolutely humbled by the amount of people that responded to my call for books for these kiddos.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



Dining Area BEFORE

Dining Area AFTER


And here are a few shots of us in action!

Here are Karen and her husband Mark, along with Shelley as they were working their magic on the back porch-

and sweet Carol and Jamie trying to look “candid” as I was harrassing them to take their pic!

Our dynamic duo, Anthea and Cory, snuck in and out and were literally done in HOURS, so I don’t have a picture of them!!  I did not see them the entire week- they are AH-MAZING!!!

Here is a shot of us with the house parents of Creasman- a lovely young couple with servant hearts.


Prior to starting our project, Kristie had co-ordinated with Merryl Rose of News Channel 5’s Talk of the Town to do a segment on the makeover.  Merryl was so gracious in coming and we are most grateful to her for doing a segment on our project.


and leave it to my beautiful friends to always get the perfect selfie!

and in case you missed the segment, here is the link:


if you have any questions about any of the rooms or decor, leave them in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer!  in the meantime, also check out Kristie‘s post about the makeover here.  She is such a gifted writer, and goes in depth a bit more on the design of each room- I know you’ll love it!

so thanks for hanging with me to the end- I know this has been a long post, but I hope you enjoyed seeing it as much as we enjoyed doing it!

I’ll be back next week to tell you all about my favorite quartz vendor, Cambria, and the amazing tour we took of their home offices last month. and next up:  my #designtribe and I are headed to the designer meca of the universe:  High Point Market in NC!  you won’t want to miss ANY of my posts week after next where we will be touring all the latest and greatest in furniture and design- follow me on Instagram and FB so you don’t miss a thing!

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