The Superior Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Y’all, it’s that time of year again, and it’s coming whether we’re ready or not! I swear, November and December fly by faster and crazier every year, but it feels like my heart gets fuller every year, too!

This year, I am so so lucky to have Lenneke and Amy on my team. We’re moving through projects like you wouldn’t believe! Not to mention my beautiful family at home, who helps me stay grounded, slow down (but not too much), and enjoy these memorable times together.

Who are the amazing folks in your life? After all, what are the holidays without the people who make them so special?

To help you spoil those people silly, today I’m sharing the 2nd Annual Superior Christmas Gift Guide!

There are a few familiar faces (some favorites make my list every year) and several new finds, but all of these are things I personally love, have used, or have seen in action!

Ginger Jar

Because who doesn’t need a little chinoiserie in their life?? Swoop it up on Amazon!


Louis Vuitton Book

I love Louis, and I love a good coffee table book, so I’m hoping Santa will put this under the tree for me! (Hint, hint…) Find it here!


Chunky Knit Throw

There’s no such thing as too many knit blankets in the house. What, your family doesn’t have one yet? Gift one and come get snuggly with these beauties!


Decorative Beads

I am recently obsessed with these decorative beads! Drape them, hang them, frame them, whatever y’all gotta do! They are here for you, easy to gift, and lookin’ pretty.


Chinoiserie Dish Towels

Chinoiserie, because we can. See point No. 1. 🙂 Also, orchids are my absolute favorite! The swooning is real over here…


Laser Measuring Tool

I never leave home without mine, and it’s so good that it makes my list two years in a row! Snag yours here and you won’t regret it!



One of my favorite clients has one of these things, and it scares the bejeezus out of me every time I’m at her house! But I’ve seen it in action, and it works!!!  Another little item I’d love Santa to bring… Witness the Christmas miracle here.


Sproket Photo Printer

Okay y’all, this little thing is SO stinkin’ cute. My mom got one for my girls as a gift several years ago, and they love it… and so do I! So much so that I got my husband’s grand-daughter one this year! If you wanna be the hit of Christmas with girls between 8-15, here ya go! You’re welcome!


I probably won’t be back here on the blog until after Christmas, so I want to take a moment to wish y’all a very merry, blessed holiday with your family and loved ones.

Hold each other close. Remember the reason for the season. And love each other with reckless abandon. 😉

With love,

Disclaimer: At no additional cost to you, I may receive a small portion of the profit from any gift products purchased using these links, and these finds are 100% my choices!

All photos credited to the link for each item.

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