I Need Your Help!

so I spent several hours yesterday on a blog post explaining Modenus, who they are, and why I’m thrilled to be nominated for this list.

and I posted it.

and then my site crashed.

and it was gone.

my web guys were super-duper getting it back up and running, unfortunately the last back-up of my site had been done ONE HOUR before I published my post.


since I don’t have time to craft a very lengthy post again today, and since time is getting slim for voting, I’ll just ask this.

if you like what I share here on the blog, if you like the before and after pics, and if you feel you have a minute to click on this link to vote for my company, I would be so honored.  this is a world-wide list y’all, and for our little company in Lebanon, TN to be nominated, and possibly MAKE the TOP 10- much less the top 100- well, I think that is all kinds of awesome!

you can vote daily through Friday!  you don’t have to enter your email or ANY info…all you need to do is click the link below, scroll down until you see Superior Construction and Design (currently in 6th place as I write this!) and click on the gray thumbs-up- that’s it!  when the thumbs-up turns yellow, your vote has been counted!

if 80 of you voted today, it would move me into third place!

thank you so much for helping to put Lebanon on this list!!

click here to vote! 

I’ll be back next week to share the exciting new trends I saw when I was in High Point at Furniture Market last week!


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