Classic Furniture that’s Versatile in More Ways than One

Y’all, the waterpocolypse has officially ended over here! A-men. If you’re new here, let me quickly bring you up to speed… 

We discovered a water leak in our Tennessee home back in May, and little did we know at the time, but it turned into an extensive remodel that has lasted through the summer.⁣ Yep, the whooooole summer! 

I’ll say it again, y’all, I can completely understand every remodel-related frustration you have ever felt. I FEEL you.⁣ ⁣It’s not for the faint of heart, but trust me when I say that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel!

For us, it’s been getting to furnish an adorable media space for ourselves and our 3 kids (more on that to come!), installing new floors that we feel giddy walking on, and even designing an entire room around one miracle appliance!

Each of these things is worth a blog post of their own, but today, we’re talking classic, versatile furniture that I know y’all will love.

But before I dive in, I have to give credit to the incredible folks who stepped in to help us during Water-geddon: Dorel Living. They have generously donated the products I’ll be sharing with you today (thank you, Dorel!!), and this post is sponsored by them. 

That said, y’all know I’m a straight-shooter, and these are my honest thoughts!

So, ready to see some furniture magic? Come on in to the Scruggs home…


about Dorel Living’s classic & functional furniture

I met Dorel Living way back in April when I went on the High Point Market Design Bloggers Tour. If you remember, their furniture’s signature is being slightly smaller in scale and highly functional — trundle beds, movable sectionals, you name it!

I also love that nearly all of their furniture is casual and not going to break the bank (you can find them all at Walmart!). This is perfect for dorms, apartments, smaller homes if you’re downsizing, and even VRBOs… 

…or in my case, perfect for the kiddos to have a cool space that, if they mess up, won’t give me a heart attack. 😉

Okay, so which Dorel Living furniture is currently brightening up our media room?

a pretty little Dorel sectional that ticks all the boxes


In our upstairs media space, I wanted pieces that were comfortable and livable.⁣ Pieces that we feel at home on (where kids can be kids), but not “kiddie” and not one of those big, bulky pieces that you sink into, never to appear again. (I’m looking at you, puffy leather sofas.)

So I was super excited when Dorel sent us this beautiful Keaton Reversible Sectional Sofa with pillows in teal. It checks off all the boxes…

  • beautiful!⁣
  • comfortable!⁣
  • ALL the color!⁣
  • perfect scale! ⁣

And get this — the ottoman underneath the chaise can be moved to either side of the sofa to accommodate your furniture arrangement!⁣ I mean, is THAT a designer’s dream or what??

And the best part? This charming, versatile little sofa doesn’t require you to sell a kidney! 😉

recliners that you and your husband will love

When you hear the word recliner, do chills run up your spine? Yeah, me too. However, I have a husband. And said husband never, EVER says anything about what I do to the house design-wise.

(For any Southern gentlemen reading this post, just remember what they say about a happy wife… *wink!*)

BUT. My guy loves a recliner. And since he’s so good about my inner designer running wild and free, I figure I can throw him a bone every now and then… or I should say, I’ve thrown him the least ugly recliner I can find…

Until now!

I never thought the words, “I love this recliner!” would come out of my mouth, but never say never! I absolutely adore the recliner set Dorel Living gifted us.


These Novogratz Anson Pushback recliners in light gray appear to be a stationary wingback, all sassy with their nailhead trim. But when you sit down, you can gently push back… 

…and out pops the sweetest little footrest! I’m smitten, y’all!

Another big plus is that you can dress them up or down however you like. I chose some colorful pillows for a happy and lively space, but you can make ‘em your own!

Dorel’s adorable his and hers nesting tables


Did y’all spy these adorable Moriah Nesting Tables in soft brass in the last photo??

I love the classic touch they add to the room and the way they’re sooo space efficient. Your kids (or grandkids!) can run around the chairs all day and you won’t have to worry about any side tables or drinks getting knocked over. They’re nestled safely right between the recliners. 😉

I also love that we know have “his and hers” tables for nighttime reading… because y’all know I love a good book!

what’s next?!

So, what do you think? Can you imagine any of these in your home? What pillows or accessories would you add to make them your own? I’d love to hear!

And if you’re interested in scooping these up (I won’t mind if we have the same ones!), here are some quick links for you:

Keaton Reversible Sectional Sofa with Pillows in Teal
Novogratz Anson Pushback Recliners in Light Gray
Moriah Nesting Tables in Soft Brass

Y’all can find Dorel Living here, to see more of the classic pieces they’re cooking up… 

Dorel Living Website
Instagram: @dorellliving
Facebook: @dorelliving

And there ya have it! Classic furniture that’s versatile in function, look, and feel… what more could we want??

In my next post, I’ll be sharing another new home addition that I could not be happier about… and let’s just say it might change how you feel about laundry day. Forever. 

Stay tuned, y’all! Xo,

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