3 Ways Glamorous Lighting Can Transform Your Interior

If you’re getting yourself all glammed up for a night out, you’d probably wear some jewelry right? That’s what lighting is for your home — that final touch of sparkle!

Today I’m sharing some of the lighting selections we chose for a client’s remodel in Mt. Juliet, TN. I’ll have another post for you later with the Before & After makeover, but for now…

Let’s look at some lighting y’all!

Quick note: All of the fixed lighting (not lamps) that you’ll see in these photos were generously donated by Hudson Valley Lighting. The selections and creative freedom were all ours!

style deets will influence your lighting

Style deets first, because the home’s style and palette set the scene for our lighting choices.  

(You wouldn’t put your jewelry on before your clothes, would you? Right!)

For our client’s home, think modern mixed with traditional and a fresh palette of soft browns, vibrant greens, seaside blues, and airy whites.

Real life living.

Our lighting selections will help bridge the modern and traditional design styles while upholding the style and ambiance of the space.

how chandelier lighting can elevate your space

They say “save the best for last” but I’m an eat-your-dessert-first kind of gal. 😉 So I’ll share my favorite lighting selection first!

superior-construction-design-mt-juliet-tn-master-chandelier-600x400Dillon Chandelier in Aged Brass, Hudson Valley Lighting

I just love how this piece takes inspiration from a traditional chandelier but adds a more modern touch with cylindrical shades and subtle curves. It’s an elegant take on an old classic.

superior-construction-design-mt-juliet-tn-bedroom-lighting-600x400Dillon Chandelier in Aged Brass, Hudson Valley Lighting

Don’t you just love how it’s the crown of this space? The aged brass also helps play up the warmth in our brown tones – which gives this classy bedroom a touch of welcome-home comfort.

Okay, I can’t resist one more photo. With the backdrop of the sea blue-green ceiling accent, this chandelier creates an almost cloud-like ambiance during the day.

I imagine this bedroom is tough to leave!


Dillon Chandelier in Aged Brass, Hudson Valley Lighting

how to pair chandelier and sconce lighting

I know I told you the previous chandelier was my favorite but I really love this one too. Look how stylish it is!


Berwick Chandelier in Aged Brass, Hudson Valley Lighting

The traditional candelabra-inspired lighting is similar to our master bedroom chandelier but a whole different take:

  • Updated lines and straight edges
  • A sturdy square base
  • Light-diffusing pleated shade (because nobody wants to be blinded by harsh light)

See how the aged brass and square shape is reflected in these beautiful golden curtains too? Perfection!


Berwick Chandelier in Aged Brass, Hudson Valley Lighting

Okay, I can’t show you the kitchen chandelier without sharing the sconce we chose to accompany it. We didn’t want them to be too matchy-matchy, but the box shade and aged brass keep this home’s style consistent!


Leyden Sconce by Hudson Valley

Here’s the whole scene together!


why flush mounts are the perfect lighting for nooks

There’s just something about a nook that’s so gosh darn charming!

When we created this window nook for our clients, we knew some overhead lighting was needed for quieter evening moments.

However, with our chandelier and kitchen just a stone’s throw away (not that I recommend throwing stones in here), we didn’t want the nook’s lighting selection to compete. So here’s what we chose…


Patterson Flush Mount in Aged Brass, Hudson Valley Lighting

A stunning flush mount!

It’s subtle. It complements our palette and modern traditional style. It has a quiet glamour that can stand up (or down) on its own. 😉


Patterson Flush Mount in Aged Brass, Hudson Valley Lighting

The choice of a flush mount (as opposed to a hanging chandelier or pendant) also keeps the space feeling more open.

See how we can look right through the kitchen and into the back patio? Imagine a chandelier in the flush mount’s place – it would have stolen the show!

Speaking of show-stealers…


Meet our client’s handsome pooch, Slugger. Not available online! 😉

There you have it — 3 ways glamorous lighting transformed this home’s interior. Thanks for following along, and many thanks to Hudson Valley for providing stunning lighting for this total remodel. The clients are overjoyed!

Coming up, I’ll be sharing the full Before & After design for this home, as well as some new and exciting finds from this fall’s High Point Market.

Can’t wait to share these with y’all! <3

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6 replies to “3 Ways Glamorous Lighting Can Transform Your Interior

  • Terrific job, Ms Scruggs! The lighting is perfect for the rooms and I love that sconce over the sink! If course dogs are my favorite accessory.

  • I have observed that many times even simply furnished homes can look fabulous if they have the right kind of lighting. You have shared three lighting ideas that will look good in modern living rooms. Keep sharing such posts to inspire people to beautify their homes in a subtle manner.

    • Thank you SO much for the kind and thoughtful comment! and the point you made is so true about lighting! Skimping on lighting is like buying a beautiful outfit, and leaving off the accessories.
      It may look okay, but the wow factor is lost without the final touches. In every space, it’s truly the details that count!
      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment!

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