where do you start when you don’t know where to start?

is this your struggle?

you want to change your interior, but for the love of things good, you just can’t figure out what to do first?

one new client of mine started to update her space, then got overwhelmed…then second-guessed the few choices she did make- so she just stopped altogether.   another set of clients are living in their new construction and they’ve never hung the first picture.  they are so unsure of what do, they’ve done nothing.

the struggle is real

the photo above is the main living space of my clients’ home.  they want this space to be the gathering place when friends and family visit, but they feel like seating is an issue (as in not enough), and they relayed to me that it just doesn’t feel “pulled together.”  this living area is part of an open concept floorplan which also contains the dining “room.”  my clients have several key pieces of furniture, and some family pieces as well- so my job is to create a functional and inviting space using what they have currently, and bringing in additional pieces as needed.

space planning

in each of my jobs, I always begin with furniture layout and traffic flow.  the size of the room, the scale of the furniture, and the amount of pieces needed to create a cohesive space are all factors to consider when space planning. once the layout is determined, I determine the color story and style of the space based on conversation with my clients of their likes and dislikes, and the fixed elements in the room.  when I have a good feel of how the space is going to read, I then begin to source the additional pieces needed to complete the design.

I’m currently working on the layout for this space and sourcing from vendors, but here is a working drawing of where we are headed:

by pulling the sofa away from the wall and adding some chairs anchored by a rug, we will create a conversation area facing the focal point of the room.

Once the key elements are in place, then the fun part of accessorizing and styling can be done.  I can’t wait to pull this space together and show you the before and afters- it’s gonna be so fun!

tips to pull your space together if you are struggling

  • determine the focal point of the room
  • arrange properly scaled furniture pieces facing the focal point
  • ensure at least 3′ of walkway in and around conversation areas
  • edit, edit, edit!  it’s better to have too little in a room than too much-
  • use the same wattage bulbs in all lamps
  • use balance and symmetry having equally scaled furniture in each half of the room

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  • Great post, Elizabeth! I never even considered using the same wattage in ALL the bulbs. Can you share what bulbs you prefer? I have an ongoing “issue” w/ my husband…he continues to swap out bulbs for those curly CFLs – Help me!! xo

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