6 Interior Design Trends Coming to Homes in 2022


I’m back from another successful trip to High Point Market, and this season delivered a spread of new designs that didn’t disappoint. While it’s always hard to leave my family for a few days, the inspiration and connections I make at market is what motivates me to take our projects to the next level. It’s how I stay knowledgeable about the latest innovations, develop relationships with vendors who support our clients, and see what’s new in the industry. 

Yes, ALL that happens in just a few days! Long days. And I love every minute of it. 

Now I’m back and sharing 6 design trends I spotted at this fall’s market. But before we dive in, I have some exciting news…

I named a paint color!

As a member of Ethos, the first search engine of vetted luxury interior designers, we have been given the opportunity to select and name our own Sherwin-Williams paint color. Soon, you’ll be able to stop by any Sherwin-Williams store and ask for…


Sabbath Sky by Elizabeth Scruggs! This beautiful hue reminds me of a dusky Sunday afternoon in fall. Soft and subtle, yet completely classic. If you’ve seen any of the homes we’ve designed, you’ll know that a shade like this one is pretty much a neutral in my book. Perfect for fresh yet timeless color all year ‘round. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

Now, let’s move on to our 6 interior design trends…

Design Trend 1: Neutrals & Organic Materials

More than usual, I noticed neutral colors everywhere at market, in addition to some creative ways of using organic materials, like these unique tables:


Here, driftwood and bamboo are used in fresh ways to create show-stopping tables. Even if these pieces are a little too bold for your taste, the idea is there — pieces inspired by nature are always welcome in a home.


On the left, I love this neat display of carved bowls that lets the wood’s character shine. Dimensional pieces like this one offer such interest and are so unexpected. I also saw lots of nubby fabric, like this ottoman on the right. I think it’s an interesting idea, but the practical side of me sees it as something that will mat down and catch dirt! Yuck.

Design Trend 2: More Color

Although there were more neutral tones than I had seen in a while, the color game was still very strong this year. I especially loved Thibaut’s showroom. (Remember Thibaut from my post on fabrics?) Their fabrics and wallpaper options are always fun:


Yes, I know these spaces are pretty bold, but again, the idea is there. Mixing patterns is always timeless in a home (we do it all the time!), and you can vary your selections to be more or less dramatic. Here, I love the vibrant wallpaper, drapery, pillows, and even an eye-catching ottoman. 


This upholstered chair is stunning in colors inspired by nature. And do I spy a bamboo frame and chinoiserie artwork?? LOVE. (Tip: If you’re a little cautious about using color, art and upholstery is a great way to add color to your home in a small dose.) Which brings us to…

Trend 3: Chinoiserie

If you know me, you know that I would never call chinoiserie a trend. It is always welcome in the Scruggs house. At market this year, it seems that everyone else finally agrees with me! I saw influences of chinoiserie everywhere. In the pieces above and in…


More chinoiserie artwork and fabrics…


Chinoiserie wallpaper, vases, and lamps…


…and even chinoiserie-inspired furniture legs and lamp bases. This makes my heart SING. If you’ve been wanting your own chinoiserie-inspired decor for a while and have been waiting for permission, now is your moment. (OH, and stay tuned for our 4th Annual Superior Christmas Gift Guide coming out in a couple weeks… you may see something chinoiserie-inspired there, too!)

Trend 4: Mixed Materials

I love the juxtaposition of mixed materials, and there was no shortage of interesting pairings at market this year. 


Wood and glass. Antiqued brass and a mirror. These materials play well together and create spaces that make you look twice, in a good way.


On the left, I just love the juxtaposition of the smooth glass with warm wood and brass legs. (Three materials in one? Why not.) On the right, glass and a woven wood coffee table create a beautiful pairing with that organic, timeless feel. Love it.

Trend 5: A Nod to the ‘80s

This one is best explained with an image first…


Yep, corduroy! We had a “lofa” (loveseat/sofa combo) in the eighties that was made out of this exact burgundy corduroy material. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it! Looks like corduroy is making a comeback, though I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. As I’ve always said, if you really love it, it’s in style. So you be the judge.

Trend 6: Classic, Traditional Style Pieces

I saw lots of classic pieces at market this year (more than usual), and a lot of wood. Y’all know I love fresh traditional style, so you can imagine how happy it made my heart!


I love the woven wood frame of this chair on the left and its classic floral pattern. I could see this piece inspiring an entire room with tasteful neutrals, blues, and greens. On the right, these chair backs and table legs show off traditional details that would feel right at home here in the South.


I love a sideboard with traditional character! Perfect for dining room storage (like those plates you only use on special occasions) that adds style to the room. On the right, this wood table has stunning natural character and comes with leaves that are stored inside. Smart!

And that’s it for today y’all. As always, these trends are purely for inspiration. The best home is the one that you love. So use these ideas to tune in to your own intuition, and then design a home that feels just like you.

Until next time, I hope y’all enjoyed this little style tour (which trend is your favorite??), and I’ll see you in two short weeks with the Christmas Gift Guide I promised you!



10 replies to “6 Interior Design Trends Coming to Homes in 2022

    • Yes Sharon!! me too!
      SO happy to see so much color- we need it right????
      and I love the traditional too- it’s hard for me to stray to far from it;)

  • I love the organic AND traditional mix together. Love the Sabbath Sky name and can’t wait to see and use it! Thanks so much for taking us through the showroom— I’ll tag along anytime!

    • Leslie, thank you so much!
      I so love a good mix of anything with traditional as well- can take the southern outta this girl;)
      And thank you for the kind words about the name of my paint color- it took me a long time to settle on what I thought gave the color the meaning that I wanted it to have. So I appreciate that it resonated with you♥

  • When I saw your ‘Nod to the 80’s’, I almost threw up in my mouth. Say it isn’t so! The rest of the trends look fantastic – but the corduroy, that’s a hard pass for me!

    • I know, right Sheri????
      I swear, we had that VERY SAME burgundy cord on our sofa/ loveseat combo in the early 80’s- complete with country ruffle curtains.
      I died when I saw it!

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