Here’s Why Custom Window Treatments are Worth the Splurge

If y’all know me, you know I love window treatments. One, because picking out a great fabric makes my designer heart happy. And two, because they work wonders for your home. How so? Let me count the ways… 

They visually soften a “hard” space (like kitchens and bathrooms) and bring a room’s palette together with a multicolored pattern. They can add a touch of fresh yet classic elegance to a room. Not to mention their role in light control and privacy.

It’s rare that I’ll design a home without window treatments, but which do I like to choose? Answer: custom. Okay, and maybe one or two ready-made versions that look custom. (But you have to know where to go!) Today I’m sharing…

  • What custom window treatments do better than 99% of retail suppliers
  • My go-to window treatments for clients’ projects (Shades, drapery, valances, cornices, etc.)
  • How we design custom window treatments from scratch

Let’s pull back the curtain…

Custom details make the design: fabric samples (left) and handmade leading trim (right).

Why are custom window treatments superior to retail?

Long-Lasting Quality: The number one reason I prefer custom window treatments is quality, both in the construction and in the fabric. This makes them less likely to show wear and a better long-term investment overall. They also tend to be fuller, so your curtains won’t look like a tablecloth.

Custom Fit: Store-bought window treatments always have that look that says “tried but didn’t quite get it right.” This is probably my biggest pet peeve because it’s always noticeable. Instead, custom treatments are made for just that window, that frame, etc. They fit perfectly and look as if they were made for the space… because they were.

Functionality: Custom window treatments may offer similar functionality to retail options, but they do it better. Insulating qualities help keep the home warm or cool, depending on the season. Thicker fabric can block damaging UV rays in high-sun areas, protecting your floors and furniture from fading. There are also more options for other features, like blackout, motorization, etc.

Design Options: The best for last… design freedom. Custom window treatments give us an infinite number of style options. I like to design them from scratch, selecting a fabric our clients love and adding custom details, like cornices, valances, pleats, or trim. This allows us to create a design that seamlessly fits your style and your home. 

Ready to see how all these can come together in a space?

My Favorite Window Treatment Styles: Roman Shades, Drapery Panels & Beyond

Classic Roman Shade: This shade creates a sleek, modern look that will freshen up any traditional space. In the dining area above, we selected a traditional patterned fabric in cream and gold to accentuate this statement light fixture in brass.
Relaxed Roman Shades: This type of Roman shade hangs naturally, creating a softer, more relaxed look. In this case, it also adds some traditional style to this slightly more modern kitchen (from our 1970s Ranch Renovation). I also love how the green floral pattern adds life and color to the space.
Drapery Panels: Unlike traditional drapery (y’all know what that looks like), drapery panels are mounted on either side of the window and are stationary. This is purely an aesthetic design choice, but it’s a good one – it can make the window seem taller, wider, and creates a focal point in the room, like in the Toby Trail Renovation above.
Valances: A valance, like ones in the Toby Trail breakfast nook, is loose fabric that hangs over the top of a window. They may look decorative but they serve a good purpose. By mounting them high, we can make your window (and the whole room) seem taller. They also hide the shades that are rolled up underneath, creating a cleaner and softer look. 
Cornices: Like valances, cornices also go over the top of a window, but they have one key difference: they are mounted to a wooden box frame instead of hanging freely. In the breakfast nook of our Mt. Juliet Reno, we used cornices to add some color to the room and hide the blinds when they’re pulled all the way up. Y’all know I love color!
Woven Shades: Woven shades are made from natural materials, like wood, reeds, bamboo, etc. They have a more organic look that pairs well with traditional spaces. The warm tones and touch of the outdoors can make a room feel more comfortable.

TIP: I love pairing woven shades with ready-made drapery panels like we did in the 1970s Ranch Renovation above. Although we don’t choose ready-made very often, we do have a line that we love for their custom look without a huge price tag. 

Shutters: Last but not least, shutters. I think this one tends to get left off most window treatment lists because it’s not a soft treatment; it’s built right into the structure of the home. Although shutters aren’t cheap, they will raise your home value, since the next buyer gets to reap the rewards of your good taste. I personally love the look of shutters. There’s just something Southern about them, right??

How do we design the perfect custom treatments every time?

Step 1: Measure. Our process always starts with a custom measure. This is how we ensure the treatments fit the width of the window and hang just right. 

Step 2: Consider Style & Function. Next, we will decide on the style of window treatment (from the options above) to decide which will work best for the space. This decision includes any functional considerations, like blackout lining, privacy needs, or motorization.

Step 3: Select a Fabric…or Two. We then pull swatches and fabrics for the window treatment, including any accents we might want to use for trim. We’ll coordinate these with the other fixed elements and furnishings in the room.

Step 4: Create the Design. We put all of the above together into a beautifully detailed sketch of your new window treatments. Once approved by you, we’ll take it to our local workroom for fabrication and installation. Believe me, they’re great at what they do! 

The perfect fit, every time.

Now y’all are pros when it comes to custom window treatments, right? If you’re considering a renovation or home furnishing project, I highly recommend putting custom window treatments into the budget. They play such an important role in the overall look and feel of your home, and I know you won’t regret them!

Looking for some hands-on help? Y’all know where to find me. 😉
Until next time,

Custom Window Treatments Are Worth The Splurge
Custom Window Treatments Are Worth The Splurge

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