Cozy Fall Decorating Tips & Game Day Fun

Fall was my favorite season long before it was cool for fall to be your favorite season. I bet y’all remember those times too…before all the cute images and memes of pumpkins hit the interwebs, before spiced lattes became Insta-famous (y’all know what I’m talking about), and before the cozy knit sweaters were trendy.

Back then, I got used to hearing “but whyyyy do you like fall?” For me, I think it has to do with beginnings: the beginning of a new school year, the beginning of football (can I get an amen??), and the beginning of a season where we all spend more time at home. And I’ve always been a homebody.

These days, I’m in good company — most people love fall just as much as I do. And why shouldn’t you?? It’s a chance to get cozy, cheer on our favorite teams and players, and enjoy the natural beauty of the season. You’re already convinced, right? Great.

Now, let’s help you translate that excitement into a home that helps you embrace the season. This week, I’m sharing some fun decorating tips and picks for 3 of my favorite fall festivities:

  • The cozy reading nook, for quiet nights at home
  • Picks for game day tailgating (or backyard bbq’ing) in style
  • Games and decor for family game night

Fall Decorating Tips: The Cozy Reading Nook

There’s nothing like curling up under a warm blanket with a steaming mug and your latest page-turner. (Y’all know I love to read.) If you ask me, a cozy reading nook is a year-round essential, but in fall, it just feels right. Place it next to your crackling fireplace, and it can’t be beat. Add a quiet house into the mix, and I’d say it’s more soothing and restorative than a spa day. 

So, what do I suggest for creating the coziest reading nook in your home?

Game Day Tailgating & Barbecuing in Style

Okay, y’all have had your cozy nights and now you’re ready for some football fun, right? If you are tailgating at the big game, why not do it in style? I have some go-to favorites that will make this day extra fun, including a few items that are customizable in your team’s color. (Orange for UT, right??) If you’re barbecuing with family and friends at home, these are just as applicable. Make it an event to remember.

Family Game Night Essentials

The big game is over, the Vols won, and you’re ready to keep the competition going with board game night. If your family is anything like mine, game night can get a little heated. (And you’ll need that reading nook again when it’s over.) But with a space that is filled with fun, there should be something for everyone, win or lose!

That’s it for now, but if you’re looking to dress up some other spaces in your home this season, check out my cozy winter decorating tips. Many of these are just as appropriate for fall. Oh, and have some fun with it!

Until next time, I wish you a happy fall, filled with big wins, family memories, and all the coziness you crave. 



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Cozy Fall Decorating Tips and Game Day Fun

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