How to Decorate for a Cozy Winter at Home

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Happy New Year, y’all!! Who’s happy to finally be in 2021? I am! 2020 definitely threw us some curveballs, right? This new year is still a mystery of course, but it feels like a fresh start. Hopeful. Positive. Let’s make it that way!

Which brings me to today’s topic — creating coziness at home. Here’s why NOW is a great time to do this:

  1. The holiday decor has come down and your home might be feeling a little lackluster.
  2. Our homes are our safe spaces these days, and the cozy factor helps us feel even more warm, cocooned, and secure.
  3. It’s cold, y’all! And there’s just something special about walking into a cozy home after getting nipped at by Jack Frost, right?

So, how can you make your home more cozy? Here are a few tips by room with some pictures from the Scruggs house. Yup, I take my own advice! 😉

Elements of a Cozy Family Room

  • Stacks of books
  • Thick throw blankets
  • Basket of wood near the fireplace
  • Stacks of games and puzzles
  • Yellow-tinted lighting for a warm glow
books beads cozy winter home charlotte moss decorating tips

Select books or magazines that speak to the season for an extra touch of winter warmth. (Author/designer Charlotte Moss knows her stuff!)

superior construction design cozy winter home blog post logs basket

Elements of a Cozy Kitchen

  • Winter hand soap, especially for moisturizing… it gets dry in winter!
  • Wintery dish towels (dark and soothing, flannel patterned, etc.)
  • Seasonal dishes that make the kitchen smell extra comforting
  • Centerpiece with oranges, cloves, magnolia
  • Mulling spices on the stove (when you’re done with your centerpiece, haha)
cozy winter centerpiece oranges leaves bright fun
mulled spices cranberries oranges stove cozy home scents

Before & After: Oranges Edition! The perfect way to winter-ify a summer fruit. Love the color and scent it adds to our house, too.

How to Create a Cozy Bedroom

  • Heavier linens and/or extra soft, snuggly ones
  • Layered pillows
  • Candles with winter scents
  • Stacks of books
  • Warm lighting
thick blankets knit faux fur boll & branch sheets pillow
thick blankets knit faux fur boll & branch sheets pillow

Super soft Boll & Branch cotton sheets pair with heavier blankets and pillows for one heck of a cozy winter’s sleep!

How to Create a Cozy Bath

  • Heavy robes on hooks look AND feel cozy
  • Winter soap for dry skin
  • Heavier lotions/creams for dry skin
  • Winter fragrance hand soap (since we’re washing our hands extra these days, why not make it an experience??)
mr steam soft bathroom robe fuzzy textiles for cozy winter feeling

Mr. Steam is a brand of steam showers that you can install in new builds or retro-fit into a remodel. The benefits of steam to the body are huge, especially in winter… it can relieve stress, help with sleep, reduce inflammation, improve breathing, detox skin… and more. Crazy, right?!

Tips for Creating Overall Coziness

Okay, you’ve probably noticed just a few themes so far, so here are my cozy decorating tips in one place:

1. Layers

I feel that decorating is best done in layers. Layers of blankets on beds, layers of pillows on sofas, layers of books and puzzles on every surface. Layers create coziness.

2. Seasonal Touches & Scents

I like to make sure there are candles everywhere, for the look and for the seasonal scents (pine, cinnamon, citrus, mmm…). I also like to bring in natural cuttings of seasonal greens: magnolia leaves, evergreen, and holly from outside. It’s a treat for the eyes

3. Heavier Textures

 Lots of extra blankets and throws, and heavier materials in general, like velvet, felt, cashmere, knit, or wool. You could even layer rugs for added warmth (and softness under your feet).

4. Warm Lighting

I always use warm bulbs instead of blue (yuck!). If you ask me, the winter season calls for cozy lighting! Opt for soft mood lighting with low light bulbs or candles. A cozy fire roaring in the background will also cast a warm and dreamy light over your space. (Plus the added warmth is too good to pass up.)

warm lighting wicker chair cushion light gray tan room cozy winter

Okay, you got me — not from my own home but definitely a warm bulb! 😉

And there y’all have it. Nothing too complicated — just some little touches here and there that add up to big impact. My favorite kind of design! 

If you want to add some winter coziness in your own home, the photos below are some of the items I have in my home. Just click on the pic, and the affiliate link will take you straight to the item.
You’re welcome!


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