color perfect, or color pain?


would you describe you home as color perfect?

no matter where I go, what kind of client appointment I’m on, or even if I just run into someone in the store…..the conversation always, always comes around to color.


when a client hires me to stage a house?

I need to specify the correct colors for staging.

when a client hires me to redesign a space/ house?

I need to specify the correct colorway for the design style of the home.

when I run into you in Kroger?

I need to tell you what the “best gray color there is because you want to repaint your house, and everyone’s doing gray, and it just looks so good, and your best friend’s aunt’s sister’s next-door-neighbor used “go-to-gray” by xyz paint company and it’s just beautiful.  just beautiful you’ll tell me- but when you put it in your house it looks like an elephant’s behind and your husband is sooooo mad!!  so will I just please, puh-leeezzzze just tell you the best gray there is so you can run home and remedy your elephant butt walls?!?!!?!?”


I wish it were that easy.

see…I’ve studied color for years.

I’m fascinated by it.

it’s one of my favorite topics.

I’m certified by some of the industry’s leading color specialists to specify color.

but as long as I’ve studied it, and as much as I love it- I  only know one thing for sure.

there is not, and there never will be, a one-size-fits-all paint color.

sorry to disappoint.

there is a reason that “go-to-gray” doesn’t look good in your house, yet fabulous in someone else’s-

fixed elements.

(actually, there is another thing or two that play into it, but I’ll save that for a later post.)

suffice it to say that the fixed elements in a space are one of the main factors affecting the correct paint scheme for the house, and if those are taken into consideration, the house will tell you what colors it needs.

what are fixed elements?

although this is self-explanatory, I will share anyway.

I’m helpful that way.

you’re welcome:)

fixed elements are those elements in the space that are “fixed” and cannot be changed easily, or without great expense.  examples of fixed elements would be built-in cabinetry, flooring, countertops, or a brick fireplace.  these things will dictate what colors will enhance the space.  and this is where most homeowners get it wrong and why they are unhappy with their selections.  enhancing the home’s architechtural features and the home’s style… that is the job of the paint color(s).  upon entering a room, if the first thing noticed is the paint, and not the features of the space or the design of the room- then the selection is incorrect.

Googling the phrase “how color affects us” yields about 150,000,000 results.  we hire experts who have been trained in their chosen field to do things we are not trained in such as plumbers, electricians, architects, and carpenters. For instance, at LeoLec, they have the experts who can handle any electrical issues whether in homes, apartment, and commercial places. yet when selecting something that affects us in 150 MILLION ways, we throw caution to the wind, and pick something from a 2×3 inch strip of cardstock.  a 2500 sq ft home can cost upwards of $3500+ in paint labor.  should you leave that selection to chance?

give me a buzz, and let me help you on your next painting project.  I’m trained and certified.  get it correct the first time!


so what are your thoughts on color?  what are your color issues or problems?

leave them in the comments below and let’s talk about it!

I’m considering doing a series of posts on color- have a burning question on the topic?

leave it in the comments and I will address it in a future post!

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