Best (& Worst) Interior Design Trends for 2023

12 million square feet. 180 buildings. 2,000 exhibitors. 75,000 attendees. 2x a year. It’s High Point Market, the Super Bowl of the home industry! And y’all know I love taking you along for the ride. Every year is busy (there’s just so much to see), but this trip was particularly packed with events…

First, I teamed up with my designer bestie, Jessica Duce, to lead 16 new designers on a tour of our favorite vendors. We also had a morning interview with High Point Market Authority (the masterminds behind the event) and Esteem Media, meetings with IDS National where I’m proud to sit on the Board of Directors (that’s the Interior Design Society), and an exclusive invite to Thompson’s Day of the Dead Celebration.

This event is incredible! I’ve never, EVER attended an event like this one. The time, love, and effort that goes into the preparation of this party is second to none. Being surrounded by so much beauty and genuine love for each other — those present and those no longer with us — is something this world could use more of. I’m ever so grateful to the Thompson family for always including me- and can’t wait to show you one of their beautiful sinks I’ve specified in an upcoming project!

It was also incredible to sit at one table and share a meal with so many of my design friends from around the U.S. The talent gathered in this one place was staggering. What a gift to sit among them all and soak it all in!

Interior Design Trends for 2023

By now, you’re probably wondering, “Elizabeth, did you even have the time to visit designer showrooms?” I sure did, and the shifts in design trends for 2023 did not disappoint. Here’s what I saw…

Most Surprising Design Trend: Fresh Traditional

I spied a whole lot of fresh traditional furniture at market this season, which was great to see. If you’ve noticed over the last decade or two, modern and contemporary styles have received a lot of attention and popularity. I couldn’t be happier that furniture with character and roots is getting the limelight again!

Fresh traditional is also the style that SC&D is known for, so you can bet that I am HERE for it! I mean, would you look at the pulls on this chest by Hooker Furniture? Seriously stunning. I also love the open back of this chinoiserie chair (left) and more streamlined traditional sideboard (right). It’s all about the curves and the details!

Least Surprising Design Trend: The Color Green

I saw green everywhere at market this year, and I’m not all that surprised. Like my favorite color, blue, green tones are inspired by nature, can lean warm-toned or cool, and are utterly timeless in interiors. These three showrooms prove the versatility of this color:

  • Soft shades of green create a calming and breathable feel (left)
  • Deeper shades can feel more secure, confident, and restorative (center).
  • Bright, kelly green shades invite energy and evoke feelings of new life (right)

What do you think? Would y’all ever try green at home?

Design Trend I’m Most Excited About: Chinoiserie

Last month, I shared the history of chinoiserie and mentioned that I’ve seen it coming back into interior design in the last several years. Well, here it was again! From dragon toile armchairs to naturescape headboards to Thibaut wallpaper, I am loving it all.

By the way, did you know that SC&D is the only Wilson County source where you can purchase Thibaut fabrics and wallpaper? Yep, even if we aren’t doing a project together, you can still order whatever you need through us. We’d be happy to help you pick an incredible pattern that speaks to what you love.

Design Trend I’m Least Excited About: The Color Red

Yep, I only took one photo of truly red interiors, because I was not feeling this one. At SC&D, we almost never put the color red in our clients’ homes, or if we do, we do it sparingly. One, because our clients never ask for it. And two, because we don’t like it either.

In our culture, red is most commonly associated with stop signs, Valentine’s Day, fast food, The Scarlet Letter, and warning labels — none of which feel appropriate for a fresh and comfortable family home. (Even when decorating my home for Christmas, I use very little red! I prefer gold, silver, or even blue. But that’s me.)

Of course, color is personal. If you like the color red, I might not recommend decking an entire room in ruby red, but you can certainly incorporate it tastefully as accessories or decor. It’s up to you.

Design Trend You Can Make Your Own: Visible Texture

Texture is always in style and easy to implement, but I see it making an even stronger appearance in furnishings and decor. A few years ago, smooth and luxurious velvet re-emerged onto the design scene. Now, the softness is still there, but I’m seeing more corduroy-like ribbing that adds interesting texture into the room. (Don’t y’all just want to reach out and touch it?)

I also couldn’t resist sharing these vases by Currey & Co. and the textured lamp (far right). These are different examples of texture and even easier to add to your home. Pieces like these would look stunning on a bookshelf, sideboard, or entryway console table. 

Design Tip: My suggestion is to use texture in moderation. Too many textured pieces will compete for your attention and could end up looking messy or cluttered. Instead, only include a few high-texture pieces, so that they stand out. Balance these with smooth woods, metals, and other clean-lined pieces.

Coming Home from Market to a Surprise…

Coming home from High Point Market was extra special this year. I walked into my office and found THESE on my desk…

What a fun way to return back to work, and we couldn’t be more thrilled at the honor! A BIG thank you to Lebanon Democrat and to all of you who voted in Wilson County. We appreciate your confidence in us, and we take no part of doing this for granted. YOU are the reason we get to do what we love while creating beautiful and comforting spaces in homes. 

Can we help you in the new year? If you’re looking to build a custom home, renovate or remodel your existing home, or you simply want to refresh your interiors with new furnishings, we would be happy to help. Book a call with me here to get to know each other and discuss the important details.

With love,


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