50 Things I Know at Fifty


hi, I’m Elizabeth

Today’s post is a bit different. And lucky you, because I have a bit more time on my hands right now and you’ll likely be getting a few extra posts.
I can hear your collected excitement already.

So lately, many of my friends in the design industry have told me I need to do an “introduction” post (or something like that) to let people know a bit more about me. To be a bit more personal.

It seems to be the thing to do these days on the interwebs — ya know, the trend. But y’all know I’m not trendy, and I’ve been doing this a long time, so it seems a bit late in the game. Sigh. I guess I’ve assumed if you read this blog and follow me online then you know me just a bit already.  But I realized as we’ve been working on our new web site —

***again, queue the excitement!!  our new website is coming soon and I’m SO excited y’all!***

— I’ve realized that there are more people who follow this blog than my mom and sister-in-law now… so maybe I should write a post that will tell you a little bit more.

So here ya go-

I’m 50 years old.

Right before the virus hit, I had a birthday. A big one as birthdays go.  It’s still hard for me to see it in print and realize I’m not still 17. But it’s true.

So I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned about life, and about myself, during these fifty years.

Here they are in no particular order, only as I’ve written them in my journal.

  1.  I hate small talk.
  2. The older I get, the smaller my circle becomes.
  3. Silence is not only golden, it’s something I HAVE to have.
  4. Technology is a necessary evil.
  5. It really IS the simple things that truly make us happy.
  6. It’s okay to say NO.
  7. God is always here inside us.
  8. Always go with your gut, which is actually the Holy Spirit.
  9. Doing the right thing is usually not the popular thing.  Do it anyway.
  10. Life passes SO quickly.
  11. Everything in our lives is a building block for something else — and that something else is always for His purpose.
  12. Prayer changes things.  I have proof.
  13. Where there is faith, there is NO fear.
  14. The morning always comes.
  15. People may not remember what you say, but they will ALWAYS remember how you made them feel. — Maya Angelou  (there is NO truer quote)
  16. Angels really are among us.
  17. There is always someone watching you — make them remember you fondly.
  18. Smile at everyone.
  19. Marriage is hard. Make sure you like each other and can make each other laugh.  Laughter is everything.
  20. Traditions are important. Make them, keep them.
  21. Your church and church family can change your life.
  22. Always follow God, especially when it doesn’t make sense.
  23. Flowers make me happy.
  24. Knowledge is power and something that can never be taken away from you.
  25. Your past won’t define you, but it will mold you.
  26. Manners make you memorable.
  27. No respectable Southern woman leaves the house without lipstick and mascara.
  28. Reading the Bible every day will change your life.
  29. Travel is the greatest gift I can give OR receive.
  30. The love I have for my children is infinite.
  31. People will always show you who they are.  Listen to them.
  32. Books are my favorite thing.  Ever.
  33. Old friends are the best friends.  They know your story.
  34. Never, ever burn bridges.  You will always have to re-cross them.
  35. I spent way too many years trying to be like other people and trying to make sure others liked me.  Now I know the important thing and the ONLY thing that matters is to be myself.
  36. Overhead lighting is of the devil.
  37. I spent years thinking I couldn’t wait to leave Lebanon, and it only took me 6 years to find my way back.
  38. It’s so important to know your closest friends’ families.
  39. I don’t ever want to live anywhere but Tennessee.  We have 4 beautiful seasons that I would never want to give up.
  40. Always, always listen to people.  Give them your full attention and try not to interrupt.  Don’t try to solve things, just listen.  All anyone wants is to just be heard and validated.
  41. If you’re unsure whether you should say something — DON’T.
  42. Always try to make everyone feel included.
  43. Everyone, everyone, everyone has a story to tell.
  44. Time is the most valuable thing you can give anyone.
  45. If you don’t make mistakes, then you aren’t stretching far enough — and you definitely aren’t learning at all.
  46. Do what scares you.
  47. Read something and write something every day.
  48. Nothing lasts forever:  not people, relationships, homes, jobs — nothing. Cherish these things while you have them.  They were given to you for a reason. Discover what that is and nurture it or them while they are in your care.
  49. There is so much joy in receiving mail- always handwrite notes to people, especially thank you notes.
  50. God is our creator and we were made in His image, so that makes us creators too.  He gave us all a gift, and our gift back to Him is to use that gift to create and glorify Him.


number 51

I’m adding a number 51, and it really should be number 1.

But that is to be grateful.

Gratitude will change your life.

so thank you.

I’m grateful for you all and thankful to each of you that follow our blog and support our business.

Here are a few pics from the surprise party that my people threw for me on my 50th.

My large circle.

interior designer gc superior construction and design elizabeth scruggs

My small circle.

My everything.

elizabeth scruggs and family lebanon tn

My precious mama.

elizabeth scruggs and mama tn

Old friends are the best friends.  They know your story.  And laughter really is everything.

old friends best friends elizabeth scruggs 50th birthday wisdom

If you made it to the end of the list, thank you for reading.

Now scroll down a bit and leave me your favorite from my list in the comments, and then share a bit of your wisdom with me.

Back next week with a fun color consultation live!  You don’t wanna miss it!



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