Speakeasy-Inspired Wine Room

For this project, our clients wanted to renovate part of their garage and transform it into a speakeasy-inspired wine room! I couldn’t think of a couple better suited to pull it off. They are avid wine collectors, philanthropists, and entertainers with hearts of gold. We did a kitchen renovation for them a few years ago and they asked us to help them with their latest project! The speakeasies of the past were usually hidden, and we saw no reason to break with tradition. Instead of putting their wine room out in the open, we went the extra mile and installed a hidden custom bookcase-style door that opened right into their new space! To capture the speakeasy vibe, we wanted it to feel hidden away, a little edgy, and intimate. We used a palette of dark browns, deep black, and metals to make it pop. Together, these colors draw you in while feeling comfortable and upscale. It’s no secret — if you have a wine room where you entertain, you’ll need a powder room close by. We re-designed this beauty along with the wine room because our clients needed an exterior door here so it could also serve as the pool bath for their beautiful exterior space.