Shut the Front Door: Three Ways to Brighten Your Entry

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your home is the front entry.  A new door mat and some fresh flowers are always a good start.  But if you really want to up your game, take it a step further.  Here are three entryways we’ve recently designed—the changes range from a fresh coat of paint to an entire remodel.

1. With this entry, we switched out the color of the front door, installed a new storm door, and added new lighting.  When choosing color, it’s important to make sure what you choose has the correct undertones for the fixed elements of the home.

2. Don’t forget about the interior of your entry!  A simple color change can make all the difference.  Take a look at how changing this door slab from builder white to a more intense color has now made the entryway a focal point for the room.

3. With this entry, we installed new iron double doors and framed the entire front with stone.  The new doors really make a statement and totally changed the facade of the home.

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Magic in the Paint

I think most of us would agree that when it comes to transforming a space, the quickest (and oftentimes least expensive) way, is with color. A $30 gallon of paint holds within its realm so much possibility. Fresh, new, possibility—and this is the time of year we all want that!

Color is such a powerful thing. It has the ability to affect our mood, our thinking, and even how we associate things with one another. That’s why I’m always baffled when someone puts more thought into what they are having for lunch than what colors they are going to paint their home.

A few of the most often asked questions I receive are these: “What color should I paint my ______?”  (You fill in the blank.)  Or, “What color is popular right now?”  (Really?  You want to paint your home the “popular” color?)  And the best one is this: “I saw this new paint color in my friend’s house, and it was FABULOUS! Just fabulous I tell ya!  So I painted my den the same color and it’s AWFUL! They must have mixed it wrong… it looks nothing like her house!”

Let me fill you in on a little secret… there is no magic paint color.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it doesn’t work that way. What you have to discern when painting a space is undertone and placement. THIS is the secret.  This is why your friend’s color doesn’t look good in your space.  If you don’t take into consideration the undertones of the fixed elements in the space, the lighting and its direction in the space, and the placement of the color in the space; it will read wrong every single time.

Here are a few examples on one of my current jobs.  My client has lived in her beautiful home for a couple of years, and she was so spot-on in the selection of all her millwork and detailing of her new build. However, when I initially consulted with her, she said it she didn’t feel as if it were warm or pulled-together. As we walked room to room, she began to tell me she didn’t like this color or that color, and before leaving she asked me to paint wherever I felt might need a fresh look. It wasn’t that she needed a fresh look, it was that the colors chosen needed to work cohesively with the beautiful detailing of the home.



The first room you see when entering the home is this beautiful dining room with a radius window wall and curved tray ceiling.  However, instead of noticing the detailing in the windows and radius, your eye is drawn to the division in the wall with contrasting warm and cool colors working against each other on either side of the chair rail.  By simply extending the wainscoting to the other side of the cased opening and painting it out in the trim color, the space instantly changes and all you see are the details, not the paint.








Viewing the dining room from the foyer, you immediately notice the stained column. This architectural feature was placed in the house and plan for support, and to define the parameter of the dining room. By staining the column, it disappears into the den beyond, fades into the stone of the fireplace, and shows no relation to the dining room. However when painted out in the trim color, it provides definition to the space and anchors the dining room.








In this great room view, there are three colors with three very different undertones. Identifying them, and choosing hues with complimentary undertones make the new colors work together instead competing with each other. This was a hard sell to my client, Ginger, because she loved her blue in the kitchen. But I believe, if asked, she would say this is one of her favorite changes.









In the master bedroom before, the placement of the dark color on the wall and in the tray ceiling created division in the space. By lightening the walls, and raising the dark hue to the ceiling draws your eye up, and makes this large room seem even larger.








Many thanks to my clients, Brad and Ginger Raines, for allowing me to share their incredible home with Wilson Living readers.  As of press time, we were not completed with this project.  If you want to follow our progress, like Superior Construction and Design on Facebook to see the rest of this breathtaking home.   It was especially fun to feature Ginger’s home as she is a mutual client of mine and my Wilson Living: Coming Home photographer Chesley Summar’s.

For more information on Chesley and Ginger:

Chesley Summar:
Ginger Raines:

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Country Living Fair Ticket Giveaway!

I touched on it last week, but here is my first official blog post on my new web site- with a fabulous giveaway!

The Country Living Fair, produced by Country Living Magazine, is coming to OUR town again this year!!

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I have TWO EARLY BIRD three-day passes to give away to one of my readers, courtesy of Country Living and  my Nashville Influencers Group, headed up by my friends at Forest Home Media.  Share this post and let your friends know- it just may be YOU who wins!!

To enter all you need to do is subscribe to our blog and leave a comment on this post, and follow me on Instagram and Facebook- that’s it!  The winner will be selected tomorrow at 9pm cst and announced here and on our Facebook page.

If you are coming to the fair, look for me and buddies in the Nashville Influencers Group on Friday-  We will be there as soon as the doors open, and are scheduled to meet with the Editor-in-Chief of Country Living, Rachel Hardage, at noon!   Here is a shot of us last year gathered together- what fun we had!


And of course my partner in design #soulsister and #designcrawl girl, Kristie Barnett- the one and only The Decorologist


Can’t wait to see you this weekend!!




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Five Steps to be Guest Room Ready

It’s wedding season!  And with that come at least some out of town guests.  Make sure they feel welcomed with these few easy steps to get your guest room guest ready!

This may sound simple, but wash the bed linens.  Even if already clean, nothing smells or feels better than freshly laundered sheets on the bed.  Take inventory of your pillows, and replace any lumpy or mismatched sets.  Place extra towels, linens, and blankets at the foot of the bed.

Place some bottled water and mints by the bedside.  When guests are in your home, no matter how much you offer, usually they won’t “help themselves.”

Providing refreshments in the room allows them to relax and refresh before the next wedding outing.

Fresh flowers or foliage add warmth and life to the space.  A simple bouquet from the grocery for under $10 cut and arranged in a crystal vase adds a bit of grace and elegance.  If your guest are visiting for a more casual wedding, place them in a Mason jar or antique pitcher.  Add books or magazines about your region or town if they have not visited before.

Have plenty of toiletries on hand by picking up some trial sizes at the store of often forgotten necessities.  Add a candle or two for a relaxing evening.

Stack current best selling novels on the nightstand for late night reading.

As with anything, it’s the attention to details that count.  A few simple and inexpensive steps will let your guests know that you care and are happy to have them in your home.

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