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color consultations

  • Have you ever painted a room in your home a color that you didn’t love?

  • Even worse, one that you completely hated?

  • Or….raise your hand….trusted your painter to tell you what colors would work or not work?

  • Did you know that over HALF of the paint sales in the U.S. are made from homeowners trying to correct a wrong color selection?

  • Wouldn’t it make sense before committing to the large investment of painting your home, to have a Color Consulting Expert specify the correct colors for your home?

color perfect consultation

Did you know that the average cost to paint a home is $2,500?  Why not spend $525 making sure you actually have the correct color selections for your home before the large expense of a painter?

$525 – Color Perfect Home Consultation – Up to 4 Rooms
Each additional room is $100 but transitional areas like hallways, stairwells and entry ways are free.

Because color selections cannot be made in a vacuum, we assess all of the colors in each room to determine the best paint color to enhance your current furnishings, fixtures, and architectural elements.  We further test the color choices on the walls using our large paint sample boards.

What makes the Color Perfect Home process that I follow unique is that:

  • We narrow down the paint color selections in the Color Perfect Consultation and bring in large color samples.  We then leave some samples with you- this way you can live with it and love it before painting.  No other Color Consultant will do that.
  • We provide you additional color sheets to take with you when shopping for furnishings, accessories, and textiles to insure you are working with your current palette.
  • Need your entire home color perfect?  No problem-  We provide volume discounts for more spaces, so we can tie in your entire palette.

With extensive training in color, I can specify exactly what your home needs. Don’t be part of the 50% mentioned above- get it right the first time!

before & after


BEFORE– this commercial real estate office was in need of an uplift.


AFTER– by specifying the correct colorway in the body, accents, and features- this property now shines


BEFORE- this home had a LOT going on, and did not reflect the owner’s style at all 


AFTER- by specifying the correct color scheme, this kitchen is now a classic and timeless design that will carry through for years to come